Wacky Jacky

The winter rains filled the dry rivers
The Steel Head and Salmon followed the water home
The meadows are green
A cascade breaks the silence.
You appreciate water when you are thirsty

Sadly, for the Giants it is a bad season.
I thought if I sat out a game the Giants fate would change. So, Saturday I jumped aboard the Wacky Jacky moored at the end of Jones street in the San Francisco Bay to catch Salmon
Captain Jacky was taking care of a friend but said the boat was going out and that I should be there no later than 5:30 am.
It was five when I got to the boat. When all where aboard, John the skipper introduced himself. The skipper announced that the Wacky Jacky was a” Catch and kill boat”. “We Keep what we catch”. “You are on the wrong boat if you want to catch and release”.
Release a Salmon I caught from the ocean? I was salivating from the thought of eating fresh wild salmon. I was on the right boat.

Wacky Jacky headed out to thru the Golden Gate. I was disappointed that there was no fog. However, the sky was clear and you could see the sunrise to the east from the horizon. The Wacky Jacky passed the “can” and headed south to Pacifica. Along the way there were humpback whales breaching and dolphins were skipping along the water and a sea lion was shadowing us looking for a free sample. There were a lot of boats.
We trolled off Pacifica. My friend had the first hit on the port side. It had to be brought in fast. It was a race between the Wacky Jacky and the Sea Lion. The crew of the Wacky Jacky was faster.
The hits were slowing off Pacifica. The skipper said pull up the lines and the Wacky Jacky headed North for 30 minutes until we were in the waters off Muir beach. There were few boats and some Sea Gulls. Then 10 minutes later I got my first hit on the starboard side. Shortly after that everyone on the boat got a fish.
I got a second hit on the starboard side. Someone had just lost a fish and I was determined to bring in this Salmon. I wanted to filet the first fish and planned to use the second fish to make lox.
The hooks were barbless. I kept the end of the rod up. The skipper worked the boat around. I kept turning the reel and the fish kept pulling line. The skipper yelled “tighten the drag”! The deckhand came and tightened the drag. The fish began to pull to the stern. I kept turning the reel. The captain yelled again “tighten the drag!”. The deckhand came and again tightened the drag. I felt like a boxer whose arms were getting heavy and was running out of wind. The fish went around the stern and then to the port side. The captain yelled “down on the drag!” deckhand came and again tightened the drag. Finally, I could see the fish. The deck hand grabbed the net and pulled the fish in.
When I got back one was filleted. I seasoned it with salt, pepper, butter; parsley; thyme and covered it with sliced lemons. I pulled the pin bones out with a needle nose plyer. Then fried it for two minutes skin side down in a cast iron skillet. I put the skillet in the oven for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. When it was done there were no words to describe it.
The second one I took to the California Shell Fish company to make Lox.
That Saturday the Giants lost and it is a shame. However, I will have lox for the game and the next game and the next game. Win or lose.
The Captain made a good decision when he turned the Wacky Jacky around and headed North to Marin. Doing things, the same way and expecting different results is crazy. It was the Wacky Jacky who found the Salmon for the rest of the fleet that day
Thank You Wacky Jacky!
Regarding the Giants:
The season is not over and the last game is important.

When is anger a problem? When it cost you the game!

Anger is a problem when it is too often
Anger is a problem when it is to intense
Anger is a problem when it pushes people away
Anger is a problem when it creates a hostile environment
Anger is a problem when it has a negative effect on organizations productivity
Anger is a problem when it hurts others
Anger is a problem when it leads to violence
Anger is a problem when there are legal consequences.

SF Giants Memorial Day Game

Anger is a problem when Michael Morris is on the DL with a concussion.

Washington’s Bryan Harper habitually gets ejected from games and Giants Hunter Strickland is 6’ 5” and cannot control his temper.

Buster Posey made the correct decision.

NBA Finals

Warriors VS Cavaliers

Anger is a problem when you get suspended during the Finals

Hopefully Warrior Draymond Green will make the correct decision this year..

Note: Italy won the World cup in 2006 in extra time after Frances Zinedine Zidane was ejected for head butting Marco Materazzi

Anger is a problem when it cost you the game!

Freeway 101

Freeway 101

It Is 22 miles from San Francisco to San Carlos
This morning I hit a pot hole on freeway 101 and blew out two tires on the drivers’ side. The impact was hard and it changed the station on the radio.
Last month debris from freeway 101 broke my windshield
My average commute time is 60 to 75 minutes
It Is 22 miles from San Francisco to San Carlos

The presidential candidates and the media spent time discussing e-mails that have already been read and a wall that Mexico will not pay for.
I did not hear politicians discuss how and when they are going to fix the freeways in the state with the largest economy.

When you wrestle a pig, the pig get dirty, you get dirty but the pig likes it.

It is important to be morally superior to your antagonist

Some days it is easier than others

Giants 5 Rockies 6

Giants 5 Rockies 6

Lost it in the 9th. Giants need a closer !

Regarding the 49ers in Santa Clara:

49er Colin Kaepernik should consider contacting SFPD and doing a “Drive Along” if the goal is to create dialogue.

Shaquille O’ Neall and Harold Buffet have done “Drive Alongs”.

Racism exists. Change starts with “The Man in The Mirror”.

San Jose:

The City of San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley could afford to Sue Major League Baseball, but cannot afford public safety.

Giants beat the Diamondbacks 7 to 6 in 12 innings

Madison Bumgarner started and the Giants won as expected.

Hunter Pence scored 4 runs and had a dramatic diving catch.Buster Posey made a golden glove tag at the plate and Crawford should have been an All Star.

Pinch hitter “Tomlinson” made the clutch hit to break to 6 to 6 tie in the 12th inning

Bruce Bochey closed by committee:

The Giants bullpen runs deep.   Nathan pitched like a master and Sergio Romo threw his World Series slider. Corey Gearin played left field to remind me that Giants baseball is fun and not torture.

It isn’t over until it is over

Go Giants!



Mission Square

The design for Mission Square includes a rooftop park and 20 Redwood Trees.

Redwood Trees belong in a forest.

There are public discussions regarding parking and traffic when there are plans for a development but there are no public discussions about where the water is going to come from.

“Water is required for some large city, and forthwith in area many times as great is robbed of its rivulets and Brooks-and its fertility-to supply the demand, and the consequences are not seriously considered.”

(William Hall; Civil Engineer; Created Golden Gate Park)

Giants at the Cove

The Giants are like Steelhead.

They always come back.

When they do, it is spectacular!

You do not want to miss it.

The Preacher celebrated spring with a grand slam and the Giants Whooped the dastardly Dodgers during opening day at the cove.

It’s a new season. Anything is possible!

Note: The Red Sox benched the Panda.

The Preacher eats Kale. Popeye ate spinach.

What does the Panda Eat?

It is easier to change a behavior than it is a life style.

The Giants are Back

Not a day to soon.

Strictly Politics

Watching the images of Mr. Mario Woods holding a knife at his side and being shot and killed by police after he had allegedly stabbed  someone( “Jacob”) was disturbing.

It was called “Suicide by Cop” during the 1990s when someone pointed an empty gun at a police officer.

The Board of Supervisors did request that the Department of Justice Investigate the Incident.
The Department of Justice  Community Oriented Police Services should review the incident to determine if the officers followed procedure and to determine if there is a better way to arrest a suspect with a knife in that situation. Especially with the recent revelations of racist text messages by San Francisco Police Officers.

The tragedy for Mr. Woods began before he was killed by Police.It was apparent Mr. Woods had a mental health problem

Why was Mr. Woods walking down the street with a knife? The situation would have been worse if Mr. Woods was on a crowded Muni bus with seniors and children with that knife.

Tuesday, February 2, a homeless person (Noel Corpuz) stabbed a CHP officer in the neck.
Mr. Corpuz affect was incongruent with the situation in the images provided by the media during his arrest. He appeared to have a mental health condition.

The Mayor, The Board of Supervisors and lawyers did not request an inquiry to determine why Mr. Woods or Mr. Corpuz were not receiving treatment from San Francisco’s mental health system. Or if they are in treatment, why the mental health treatment they were receiving failed to help them. The Mayor and the Board of Supervisors did not ask for an inquiry to determine why Mr. Corpus is living homeless in the streets of San Francisco.

It takes half a dozen SWAT team members to take down someone who is suicidal or homicidal.
It takes one mental health professional to talk down someone who is suicidal or homicidal. Police Officers are not mental health professionals.

Most people with a mental health conditions are good people.
Most cops are good people.

It is not good when bad people have a weapon or are in a position of power.

Ultimately, the Board of Supervisors is responsible for San Francisco’s Mental Health System

I hope the board of supervisors will take the time to thank the CHP Officer that was stabbed in the neck and his family for his commitment and sacrifice to protect the citizens of this city.
The situation would have been catastrophic if Mr.Corpuz had a” fully automatic Gun’.

Strictly Politics:

Several years ago I did a mental health evaluation on a young man who was recovering from being shot multiple times.

The client was on time for his appointment and was dressed in clean dungarees, tennis shoes, and a Letterman’s jacket. He sat down gingerly. He occasionally grimaced in pain and clutched the left side of his body with his right hand.

During the interview I asked the client if he saw who shot him.

Client: “yes”.

Do you know who it was?

Client: “No, they do not pull the trigger.” “They send someone else to do it for them”

Do you know why?

The client had a smirk on his face and said.

“It was politics, strictly politics”.

Draymond Green should be starting in the All-Star game.


Draymond Green has averaged 14.5 points, 9.5 rebounds, and 7.4 assists in 34.5 minutes per game this season for the Warriors. He has15 double-doubles and 8 triple-doubles.


“No I’m not disappointed,” Green said on a video from Uninterrupted. “I’m not upset. I’ve never been a guy who expects anything to be given to me or if it doesn’t happen disappoints me.
At the end of the day I thank the fans for even being near consideration of starting. That’s something that I could have never even imagined in my career or coming into this season or any other season. It’s just something I thought would never happen to me to even be in that conversation. I thank the fans all around the world.”

Charles Barkley is right. Draymond Green should be starting in the All-Star game.              Draymond Green should be starting because he has mad skills and a good attitude

Now that Charles Barkley has seen the light, he should enjoy a game in Oakland while he can still get good taco for $2.

The arena and the stadium have plenty of parking and it is easy to get to. It is in close proximity to the international airport; interstate 880; interstate 580; and Amtrak.

A high roller like Charles Barkley could have a drink on the ferry and catch a cab from Jack London square to the arena.

Barkley will have to pay $5.00 for a miniature Foo Foo doughnut when he sees the Warriors in San Francisco and Shaq will not be impressed.

Warriors VS Spurs 7:30pm

Regarding the Raider Situation:

Larry Ellison would be a good fit for the Raider Nation. He should buy the team and build a new stadium. If Mr. Ellison can buy an Island he can build a stadium.

Regarding Oakland:

I know a retired veteran who is paying $1200.00 for a studio in East Oakland.
It is good for the city’s residents that Walgreens was not exempted from the minimum wage to build a store.

Tacos were a $1.50 before the minimum wage increase. Now they are two dollars and worth every penny of it.

No inflation here. It is Just a bubble

Hopefully Oakland will learn from San Francisco the consequences of “Pay to Play” city government.
The writer is biased to maintain the Oakland Coliseum because the writer can find free parking or take BAART, get good seats and watch the San Francisco Giants at a discount. Premium Seats at AT&T are expensive and difficult to obtain.


Hollywood film directors were among the first to recognize the downside of Botox. Several years ago, Martin Scorsese, whose works include Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and The Departed, became an early and outspoken critic of the anti-aging treatment. The Academy Award-winning director complained that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find an actress who could use her face to express the range of human emotion, especially anger.
It may be worse than the famed director suspected. New evidence is now suggesting that Botox may harm not only the expression of emotion, but also its comprehension. The facial paralysis that does away with unwanted frown lines may cripple a crucial ability to process emotional language.
That’s the conclusion of David Havas, a psychological scientist at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. Havas and his colleagues did not set out to study the unintended consequences of the controversial cosmetic treatment. Their goal was to study the role of the nervous system in normal language processing, specifically the idea that people comprehend emotional language in part by involuntarily simulating emotions with their facial nerves and muscles. They used injections of the neurotoxin to disable certain facial nerves as a way of testing this theory.
The scientists studied first-time patients who were scheduled for Botox treatment to get rid of their frown lines—a treatment that works by paralyzing a particular set of facial muscles. Since frowns are an important element in anger and sadness, they wanted to see if disabling the frown muscles impaired comprehension of sad and happy sentences—but not happy ones. They had the patients read dozens of sentences of each kind, both before Botox treatment and two weeks later, timing them to see if there was any slowdown in reading speed as a result of the treatment.
The results were unambiguous. The scientists not only verified their theory of language processing, they also showed that getting rid of frowns selectively impairs the ability to understand angry and sad sentences. In other words, it’s normal to frown when we try to process anger and sadness. If we can’t frown, our emotional understanding breaks down.
The popularity of Botox has of course spread far beyond Hollywood since Scorsese first sounded the alarm about those in the acting biz. The director might now be concerned about the emotional depth of his audience as well.