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May 8th, 2013 headlines in the San Francisco Chronicle read:

“SF Housing Authority, ex-chief a harsh boss say staffers, employees often berated a city investigation shows. The San Francisco Housing Authority in recent years was a work place a wash in boorish comments and questionable contracting practices, with staff “always on pins and needles” as its Executive Director led the agency onto financial shoals.” It was rated one of the two worst out of California’s 114 housing agencies and that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development is also conducting an inquiry.

In contrast:

Ford CEO Allan Mulally was named one of “The World’s Most Influential People” in 2009 by Time magazine, person of the year by the Financial Times and the CEO of the year by Chief Executive Magazine for 2011.

Mulally described a culture at Ford prior to his arrival where people would withhold information and would not speak up if there was a problem.

                Mulally believes you must create an environment that facilitates the flow of information. “You must make it safe to talk the truth. I had learned this at Boeing. It is not about acting all warm and fuzzy, but you have to know everything to make good decisions, and to get there you have to make it safe when something goes wrong.” Working together, developing relationships, communicating clearly, listening to each other, seeking to understand before you seek to be understood, being emotionally resilient and finding a way are expected behaviors for Mulallys management team.  Mulally’s Relationship Oriented Behaviors contributed to developing a culture of sharing information and cooperating in a large international organization


In 2009 Ford was the only one of the Detroit three Car makers that did not asked for a government loan and posted a profit.  In 2010 the Ford Fusion was motor trends car of the year.



“Speak both in the Senate and to every man, whoever he may be appropriately, not with any affection use plain discourse.”

“Enter into every man’s ruling faculty; and also let every other man answer into thine.”

Marcus Aurelius




“When thou has been compelled by circumstance to be disturbed in a manner, quickly return to thyself and do not continue out of tune longer than the compulsion lasts; for thou will have more mastery over harmony by continually recurring to it. ”

“If sailors abused the helmsman or the sick the Doctor. would they listen to anybody else or how could the helmsman secure the safety of those in the ship or the Doctor  the health for those whom he attends.

Marcus Aurellius