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Aristotle; Seneca & Anger; War & Athletic Competition

Seneca knew the negative consequences of anger on both the social and individual level. He encouraged restraining from anger because it can clutter a persons judgment and impair interpersonal effectiveness.
Seneca believed that anger should be avoided in war and athletic competition because of its capacity to distract a person from developing and following strategies to succeed.
The Romans belief regarding anger is reflected in the movie “Godfather” when Don Corleone gives advice to his son. “Never hate your enemies it clouds your judgment”

Seneca may have been referring to impulsive behavior driven by anger

Aristotle acknowledged the possible destructive nature of anger but believed that when it was controlled and not too strong it can result in energy and commitment to help one overcome obstacles. Aristotle would have presented the case Nelson Mandela as an individual who managed his anger and overcame obstacles.
Its unfortunate Aristotle and Seneca did not have an opportunity to watch the playoffs. It would’ve been a spirited discussion.

Game 4
“Klay Thompson made those shots because he was motivated by anger when his comrade (Steph Curry) had been injured in the midst of battle”
“Klay Thompson was assigned a new task after Steph Curry was injured.”” He maintained his composure during a crisis and completed the task that was asked of him”. “It was a true test of character.”

Athletic Competition:
It’s been said that no one can beat James LeBron one-on-one and that it will take a team to stop him. James LeBron is coming to East Oakland to take on the Warriors. When a Warrior moves they all move.
Warriors first shot at the championship in 40 years. This event you cannot put a price on.

Note: Dwight Howard’s skills are better suited for roller Derby