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Giants 5 Rockies 6

Giants 5 Rockies 6

Lost it in the 9th. Giants need a closer !

Regarding the 49ers in Santa Clara:

49er Colin Kaepernik should consider contacting SFPD and doing a “Drive Along” if the goal is to create dialogue.

Shaquille O’ Neall and Harold Buffet have done “Drive Alongs”.

Racism exists. Change starts with “The Man in The Mirror”.

San Jose:

The City of San Jose in the heart of Silicon Valley could afford to Sue Major League Baseball, but cannot afford public safety.

Giants beat the Diamondbacks 7 to 6 in 12 innings

Madison Bumgarner started and the Giants won as expected.

Hunter Pence scored 4 runs and had a dramatic diving catch.Buster Posey made a golden glove tag at the plate and Crawford should have been an All Star.

Pinch hitter “Tomlinson” made the clutch hit to break to 6 to 6 tie in the 12th inning

Bruce Bochey closed by committee:

The Giants bullpen runs deep.   Nathan pitched like a master and Sergio Romo threw his World Series slider. Corey Gearin played left field to remind me that Giants baseball is fun and not torture.

It isn’t over until it is over

Go Giants!



Mission Square

The design for Mission Square includes a rooftop park and 20 Redwood Trees.

Redwood Trees belong in a forest.

There are public discussions regarding parking and traffic when there are plans for a development but there are no public discussions about where the water is going to come from.

“Water is required for some large city, and forthwith in area many times as great is robbed of its rivulets and Brooks-and its fertility-to supply the demand, and the consequences are not seriously considered.”

(William Hall; Civil Engineer; Created Golden Gate Park)