Draymond Green should be starting in the All-Star game.


Draymond Green has averaged 14.5 points, 9.5 rebounds, and 7.4 assists in 34.5 minutes per game this season for the Warriors. He has15 double-doubles and 8 triple-doubles.


“No I’m not disappointed,” Green said on a video from Uninterrupted. “I’m not upset. I’ve never been a guy who expects anything to be given to me or if it doesn’t happen disappoints me.
At the end of the day I thank the fans for even being near consideration of starting. That’s something that I could have never even imagined in my career or coming into this season or any other season. It’s just something I thought would never happen to me to even be in that conversation. I thank the fans all around the world.”

Charles Barkley is right. Draymond Green should be starting in the All-Star game.              Draymond Green should be starting because he has mad skills and a good attitude

Now that Charles Barkley has seen the light, he should enjoy a game in Oakland while he can still get good taco for $2.

The arena and the stadium have plenty of parking and it is easy to get to. It is in close proximity to the international airport; interstate 880; interstate 580; and Amtrak.

A high roller like Charles Barkley could have a drink on the ferry and catch a cab from Jack London square to the arena.

Barkley will have to pay $5.00 for a miniature Foo Foo doughnut when he sees the Warriors in San Francisco and Shaq will not be impressed.

Warriors VS Spurs 7:30pm

Regarding the Raider Situation:

Larry Ellison would be a good fit for the Raider Nation. He should buy the team and build a new stadium. If Mr. Ellison can buy an Island he can build a stadium.

Regarding Oakland:

I know a retired veteran who is paying $1200.00 for a studio in East Oakland.
It is good for the city’s residents that Walgreens was not exempted from the minimum wage to build a store.

Tacos were a $1.50 before the minimum wage increase. Now they are two dollars and worth every penny of it.

No inflation here. It is Just a bubble

Hopefully Oakland will learn from San Francisco the consequences of “Pay to Play” city government.
The writer is biased to maintain the Oakland Coliseum because the writer can find free parking or take BAART, get good seats and watch the San Francisco Giants at a discount. Premium Seats at AT&T are expensive and difficult to obtain.

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