Strictly Politics

Watching the images of Mr. Mario Woods holding a knife at his side and being shot and killed by police after he had allegedly stabbed  someone( “Jacob”) was disturbing.

It was called “Suicide by Cop” during the 1990s when someone pointed an empty gun at a police officer.

The Board of Supervisors did request that the Department of Justice Investigate the Incident.
The Department of Justice  Community Oriented Police Services should review the incident to determine if the officers followed procedure and to determine if there is a better way to arrest a suspect with a knife in that situation. Especially with the recent revelations of racist text messages by San Francisco Police Officers.

The tragedy for Mr. Woods began before he was killed by Police.It was apparent Mr. Woods had a mental health problem

Why was Mr. Woods walking down the street with a knife? The situation would have been worse if Mr. Woods was on a crowded Muni bus with seniors and children with that knife.

Tuesday, February 2, a homeless person (Noel Corpuz) stabbed a CHP officer in the neck.
Mr. Corpuz affect was incongruent with the situation in the images provided by the media during his arrest. He appeared to have a mental health condition.

The Mayor, The Board of Supervisors and lawyers did not request an inquiry to determine why Mr. Woods or Mr. Corpuz were not receiving treatment from San Francisco’s mental health system. Or if they are in treatment, why the mental health treatment they were receiving failed to help them. The Mayor and the Board of Supervisors did not ask for an inquiry to determine why Mr. Corpus is living homeless in the streets of San Francisco.

It takes half a dozen SWAT team members to take down someone who is suicidal or homicidal.
It takes one mental health professional to talk down someone who is suicidal or homicidal. Police Officers are not mental health professionals.

Most people with a mental health conditions are good people.
Most cops are good people.

It is not good when bad people have a weapon or are in a position of power.

Ultimately, the Board of Supervisors is responsible for San Francisco’s Mental Health System

I hope the board of supervisors will take the time to thank the CHP Officer that was stabbed in the neck and his family for his commitment and sacrifice to protect the citizens of this city.
The situation would have been catastrophic if Mr.Corpuz had a” fully automatic Gun’.

Strictly Politics:

Several years ago I did a mental health evaluation on a young man who was recovering from being shot multiple times.

The client was on time for his appointment and was dressed in clean dungarees, tennis shoes, and a Letterman’s jacket. He sat down gingerly. He occasionally grimaced in pain and clutched the left side of his body with his right hand.

During the interview I asked the client if he saw who shot him.

Client: “yes”.

Do you know who it was?

Client: “No, they do not pull the trigger.” “They send someone else to do it for them”

Do you know why?

The client had a smirk on his face and said.

“It was politics, strictly politics”.

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